Slutty girl sucks dick from a car and gets cum

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A young girl loves rock'n'roll and lives that type of lifestyle. That means that all she likes to do is drink, go to concerts, and fuck. Her appearance is in that style, too, so she has an excentric hairstyle, piercings on her body (including her nipples), and a few tattoos. She loves giving blowjobs, and she does it almost wherever she is told. One day, she gave a guy a blowjob from the back seat of a car. She was sitting there, while he was standing next to the car in front of her. She gave him a blowjob and let him cum on her pussy. After he came, she collected the cum with her hand and spread it over her body. After that, she took her clothes off and sucked his dick again. She is so hungry for cock and enjoys being as wild and crazy as she can.