Babes Maisie Dee and Satine Spark masturbate together

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Two UK babe Satine and Maisie were having a day at the spa. They went to the sauna and they were alone. All that steam made them really horny and their pussies were all wet. They felt like pleasing themselves and they got the place all for them. They opened their legs and started playing with their pussies. Masturbation was the best with that steamy atmosphere. The girls were rubbing the pussies and moaning together. The blonde had a shaved pussy and the brunette was hairy. Their fingers felt great inside them. The pussies were drooling wet and they were going for big orgasms. They weren't planing on stopping until they came. Their pussies were ready to let the juices out as they stimulated them. They felt so relaxed in that sauna. They didn't care if anyone entered the room. They kept playing until the climax.