Mature British shows her slutty lingerie at the bus stop

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A naughty mature British woman came to a bus stop one day. Over there, she started chatting with a younger guy who showed an interest in having sex with her. As they were flirting, she gave her compliments about her outfit, and she didn't mind showing him what she's wearing. She unbuttoned her coat and showed him that underneath she was wearing a gauzy black blouse and a red bra. She then pulled up her skirt and showed him her thighs in stockings. She even spread her legs and showed him her gauzy black thongs through which he could easily see her hairy pussy. Apart from that, she was also wearing black boots. She got really horny from talking with him, so she complimented him too. He asked her if she is up for some fun somewhere, and he didn't need to ask her twice. They went somewhere to fuck.