Two tantalizing mistresses whip their male slave on erotic fair

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An erotic fair is a place where you can see a lot of weird and kinky things. For example, on one erotic fair, two beautiful, tantalizing babes had their male slave on a leash. For the whole time, they walked him around like a dog for all people to see. Some of them even took photos of him, but he didn't care. He is so submissive that this was a dream coming true for him. They were both wearing slutty outfit and high heels. They had whips which they used to whip his naked back. When they talked with others, he had to be on all fours and put his head on the floor until they tell him otherwise. They even ordered him to lick their bare feet in their high heels just for fun. He enjoyed that too. He adored being their little bitch and obeying their every rule.