Submissive slut enjoys being humiliated and fucked rough and hard

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One gorgeous babe was in a flat with two guys, tied to a radiator. Despite being tied, she was still teasing them and provoking them to fuck her. Finally, one guy came close to her and spanked her ass, and then he spat on her face. She enjoyed his spit on his face because she likes being treated like a slut. He grabbed her hair and took all of her clothes off and then made her ride his dick on a couch. While she was riding his dick, he was spanking her naughty ass and spitting on her face. He then forced her to suck his dick, even though he actually fucked her face and made her gag so fucking much. Her spit was drooling all over her filthy face. She enjoyed being humiliated like that because there is something inside her that makes her want to be a slut.