Horny naughty MILF plays with a dildo on a bed

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Alicia is a naughty 38-year-old MILF who likes masturbating a lot. One day, she was at home wearing high heels, stockings, a skirt, a blouse, and a jacket. She took off her jacket and pulled up her skirt so that her ass cheeks divided with a thong could be seen. Her ass is fat, and she has a lot of cellulite on her body. She took off the skirt and the blouse too, but she had another black, gauzy blouse underneath it. She unzipped that blouse too and took out her tits. She lay back on a couch and took a pink dildo. She put it in her mouth and then slowly started sticking it in her pussy. She took off her heels too because her feet feel much more relieved that way. It was a pleasureful afternoon just for her, in which she enjoyed pleasing her wet beautiful pussy.