Robotic patrol dog showcase is the best choice for security

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The Bio-nuclear reaction is one of the best scientific discoveries in human history. A useless egg extracted from a broken whore has too much genetic fault that it is not usable to breed a public toilet. However, if it gets mixed with sperm and put milk as a catalyst, you can get something known as "energy of life" since it comes from extracting the vitality of living being inside the egg. Thus, the first bio-reactor in the world is created. This bio-nuclear reaction can be implemented into the latest reactor model OSM-45, and inside it will be like 6 HEX-1 output sockets. You will get a dog with 4 hydraulic powered robotic legs that can move individually, and that dog is called Robotic Patrol Dog - Type L. It is thoroughly tempered and has perfect compatibility. It is Ti-N coated and has two extra sockets. It's the protection of the future.