Slim horny teen girl loses her virginity in a forest

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A slim teen approached a guy in the woods one day. She saw him chilling in front of his tent, wearing nothing but shorts, and she approached him barefoot in a pink bikini. They started talking, and she told him that she is 18 and still a virgin. She also told him that she doesn't have a boyfriend while he was gently fondling her thigh. She got really horny, so soon, he took off her top and started sucking her tits. Soon after that, he took off her panties, too, so she was all naked while he was licking her pussy. She was agog to see his cock, so once he took off his shorts, she started sucking his dick. After she gave him a blowjob, he fucked her in two positions in front of his tent and came on her cute, tiny tits. She will never forget this day.