Young slutty British nympho gets gangbanged hard in a trailer

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Bridgette is a British girl who likes getting fucked a lot. One time, she went on a ride with three men who fucked her in a trailer. Once she got in, she changed her clothes, so she put on some underwear, a purple tank top, stockings, and heels. At first, she was sitting between two guys and chatting with them. She took off her tank top and her bra, and the guys started sucking her tits while she was fondling their hair. After that, she turned around and showed them her ass cheeks divided with a tongue, and they gave her a nice spanking to get her horny. She then sucked their cocks, and when the time came for her to be fucked, the third guy also joined the orgy. She was sucking their dicks and took them in her pussy, and in the end, they came on her face.